Amanda Nunes Issues Savage Statement To Cris Cyborg After Knocking Her Out

Amanda Nunes is now regarded as the ‘baddest woman on the planet’ with knockout wins over two of the greatest female MMA fighters the world has seen. Finishing both Rousey and Cyborg in under a minute of the first round. Now as humble as she usually is, she clapped Cyborg with a pretty harsh statement…

UFC 232 was the final event of 2018 and it was a stacked card too. Jon Jones faced Alexander Gustafsson for the second time, then in the co-main Cyborg and Nunes slugged it out for the featherweight strap.

Nunes became the first ever woman’s ‘champ champ’ with a spectacular first-round finish over Cyborg. Ending her undefeated reign and status as the scariest woman o the planet. We have a new double champ and perhaps the new GOAT of women’s MMA.

It took Nunes only 51 seconds to dismantle Cyborg. Photo Via: Yahoo Canada Sports.

“She Didn’t Hurt Me”

Recently in an interview on the UFC Unfiltered Podcast, ‘The Lioness’ spoke on her ease with the KO win and how Cyborg felt in the octagon… Quotes courtesy of MMA Fighting.

“She didn’t [hurt me] at all,”

“Actually, when she connected the first time I saw that there was no power at all and I put my hands down, [and said] ‘I’m gonna go for it’. I don’t know if you see when I put my head down when she started punching me but I was more scared of the talk that she punches hard than exactly that she punched hard. You hear a lot that ‘She punches hard, she’s strong, she has knockout power!’ but when she landed, I moved my head because I was more scared of being hit than because the punch was strong.”


For Cyborg, who spent over a decade undefeated, losing her Pro debut then carving her path of destruction through the women’s MMA scene. This must hit rather hard to hear…

Nunes also spoke about the possibility of the rematch between the two, here’s what she said.

“Cyborg doesn’t want to fight me if it takes more than a year to prepare, and right now, I don’t think she’s gonna want it because I’m gonna ask for two years to be ready for her again,”

“She said I wanted one year to be ready for her and she didn’t want to wait that much, she don’t wanna stay without fighting but right now I’m asking for two years for the rematch.”

So if you want to see the two square off and perhaps last longer than a minute you’ll have to wait. A long time by the sounds of it…


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