Alexander Gustafsson’s Message To Jon Jones After USADA Test Result

alexander gustafsson
Dana White and the California State Athletic Commission went to bat for Jon Jones after the news broke last night

Late last night, the news broke that trace amounts of Turinabol had been found in Jon Jones’ system earlier this month. The UFC, USADA, and CSAC defended Jones, but his UFC 232 opponent was not as supportive…

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones is arguably one of the most dominant fighters in MMA history. His streak of victories over elite opponents in the UFC octagon is hard to fathom but hasn’t come without drama.

Numerous failed drug tests, troubles with the law including a hit-and-run in New Mexico and other controversies have seen Jones stripped of the unified title twice and the interim title once.

Again aiming for redemption after overcoming his UFC 214 drug test issues, “Bones” was set to fight for the title in Las Vegas next weekend. Although he will still compete, the fight now takes place in Los Angeles, California.

alexander gustafsson
This Light-Heavyweight classic has the potential to be the Fight of The Year, AGAIN. Image Source:

Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson Still On, “The Mauler” Issues Simple Message To “Bones”

After news broke late last night that Jon Jones had Turinabol in his system from an early December USADA test, fans were legitimately concerned. Within the same breath, Nevada was revealed to be unable to license Jones, but California could.

So, just like that, Jones’ big return, and the entire UFC 232 card, were moved to Los Angeles on just six days notice. UFC president Dana White and USADA boss Jeff Novitsky quelled the backlash by claiming this was the same “picogram” of Turinabol detected 15 months ago.

Alexander Gustafsson is not buying it:

Alexander Gustafsson
Yes, that is the real Jon Jones replying below Alexander Gustafsson’s status

The Drama Continues

Plenty of the fighters from the UFC 232 fight card are understandably unhappy with the last-minute change. Family arrangements including things like flights and accommodation could well have been wasted.

Also, fans who have booked tickets from around the world, places like Sweden and Australia, for instance, will have squandered a lot of cash on this. But, hey ho, the train remains on the tracks for now.

Watch this space.


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