Alexander Gustafsson Wears Anti-Doping Shirt At UFC 232 weigh-ins

Jones refused to look Gustafsson in the eyes at the weigh-in.

UFC 232 has gone down as the most controversial event in UFC history and it hasn’t taken place yet.

Jon Jones will be making his return to the UFC against Alexander Gustafsson in a rematch for the light heavyweight title. Jones is fresh off serving his 18-month suspension for testing positive for the anabolic steroid turinabol back in July of 2017. Despite being victorious against Daniel Cormier at UFC 214, because of the positive test, it was changed to a no contest. He was also stripped of his title, which Cormier would later go on to win.

The rematch with between Jones and Gustafsson is once again for the light heavyweight title. Daniel Cormier, who is also the heavyweight champion at the moment relinquished his light heavyweight title yesterday. It seemed the plan was to strip him of the title if he didn’t want to relinquish it as he stated he rather walk away from his title than be stripped.

Jones is one of the most disliked fighters, albeit most popular in the UFC. When it was announced a week ago that UFC 232 was being moved to Inglewood, California from Las Vegas Nevada fans were stunned. When it was announced that this was because a Jon Jones drug test came up positive for trace amounts of turinabol, the anabolic steroid he was originally suspended for fans and fighters were up in arms.

Fans were not happy with Jones.

Despite peoples displeasure with Jones and calling him a cheater, he made it to the weigh-ins today to a chorus of boos. There was a good amount of fans in attendance at the weigh-ins that were supporting Jones, but slightly more that weren’t happy with him.

Gustafsson made sure to take his own shot at Jones by walking out with an anti-doping t-shirt. Jones didn’t seem bothered by the boos from the crowd and when it came time for the stare down with Gustafsson, he refused to look him in the eye and instead looked off to the side.

No matter how you try to spin the Jones drug test, it seems in the court of public opinion he is guilty of cheating. Gustafsson is one of many fighters that is not happy with the situation. With many calling for favoritism towards Jones from the UFC. Not to mention the moves now forces fighters to pay state taxes to California at a rate of about 30%. In Nevada, they would not have paid anything.

We know here Gustafsson stand on Jones.

It is no secret what he thinks.

It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you are on with the Jon Jones situation, you can’t deny that the drama is at an all-time high for this fight. If Jones wins it will have an asterisk next to it and people will say he cheated. If he loses people with talk about how he was so successful up until this point because he was on steroids.

Regardless of what anyone’s opinion is, if we are lucky we will have a fight like the first Jones vs. Gustafsson. It was a back and forth battle that fans loved and earned both fighters a ton of respect.


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