Alexander Gustafsson Provides Most Gangster Moment At UFC 232 Press Conference

The first fight between Gus and Jones was way back in 2013 and it is regarded as the greatest Light-Heavyweight fight of all time. They will meet again this Saturday. Image Source: Wrestling Observer.

The UFC 232 Press Conference was earlier today, as expected Jones and Gustafsson were back and forth. The two clearly don’t get along and with all the recent drama it has only added to the fire. Gustafsson didn’t agree with anything Jon had to say either…

With the whole UFC 232 card being shifted across states, from Nevada to California, fans and fighters alike aren’t happy with Jon ‘Bones’ Jones due to his failed drug test causing the shift between states.

The press conference was held today and Gustafsson spent the entire press conference cool, calm and collected. Simply disagreeing with anything Jones had to say despite Jones’ best efforts to wind him up and get inside his head.

The decision win in the first fight was controversial. With a split in the community on whether Jones or Gustafsson won. Gustafsson is adamant he will stop Jones this Saturday. Image Source: Pundit Arena.

“I Have The Bigger Balls”

The two fighters were throwing verbal jabs at each other from start to finish. Jones more so than the Swede but sometimes saying nothing and not biting is the best response.

Here are some of Gus’ verbal jabs at Jones.

” Who has the smallest balls here, you or me? I’m not the one with illegal shit in my body. You see, I have balls. You don’t have balls my friend. You’ve got illegal shit in your body!”

To which Jones responded.

“This guy has found a way to justify why he lost, it’s hilarious. So i’ve been being educated by USADA and now i’m being drug tested by WADA to prove my innocence.”

When asked if he believed Jones was a cheater Alex simply agreed saying “Yes I do”.

Jones also spoke on how he was annoyed by USADA even releasing these results since they are not even classing it as a failed drug test. After difficulty figuring out the correct word. Jones explained how large a ‘picogram’ was.

“Take a grain of salt and chop it into 48 million pieces, one of those is a picogram.”

Jones also went off at a reporter telling her she ‘sucks’ and is bad at journalism. Charming…

He also spoke on how he couldn’t physically take a picogram. Backing up his points some more. However, Gustaffson just sat and shook his head. Listening and disagreeing. Which in a way makes him seem like the winner of the penultimate mental battle before fight day…

Who do you have winning on Saturday?


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