UFC Welterweight Injured By Grenade During Street Fight On Christmas Eve

alex cowboy oliveira
It’s been a bit of a rough month for UFC welterweight Alex Oliveira. The Brazilian fighter known as “Cowboy” suffered a brutal loss in the octagon and has now been injured by an exploding grenade…

After having his head split open in a gruesome loss to Gunnar Nelson on December 8, Alex Oliveira was probably looking forward to a peaceful Christmas. Sadly for him, that ain’t happening…

UFC welterweight Alex Oliveira had a two-fight winning streak snapped at UFC 231. The December 8th showdown saw “Cowboy” take on SBG Dublin’s Gunnar Nelson in Toronto, Canada.

The fight wouldn’t go Oliveira’s way as a savage cut opened from Nelson’s well-targeted elbows. Blood spurted out of the wound as Nelson clamped in the choke for a quick tap. Unfortunately, this might not be the craziest injury Oliveira has suffered this year.

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, Oliveira was involved in an altercation outside a gas station in Brazil.

Full story below…

AlexOliveira Describes Being Hit By Exploding Grenade

During an interview with Globo TV, Alex Oliveira talks about the street fight that led to an armed gang launching a grenade at him on Xmas Eve, yikes:

It was a good night, you know? But there are a lot of people in our family who do not like to enjoy Christmas. I went out to feed my mother’s car (ed not: assuming he meant fuel, not a carrot), and on the way I saw my aunt in confusion. 

I told my aunt not to interfere, I just stopped to try to ease the stop. Because when you have a fighter involved in confusion, you know, right? One guy already got a gun in my nephew’s face. Then began a push-push. The guys were with a machete, a knife, a grenade. And they threw the grenade at me. He flew fragments on my leg, on my foot, “Alex Cowboy said.

“They opened my leg to take out the shrapnel, they got the point … I’ve got my leg bandaged here with a bandage,” he said.

alex oliveira
Craziest Christmas story ever? Yep, Alex Oliveira has it…

Get Well Soon, Cowboy

Really rough night for Oliveira and we hope he can recover quickly. God only knows what these people were doing driving around on Christmas Eve with machetes, guns and a damn grenade.

At least the injury seems minor relative to what a grenade could have done.

Merry Christmas and here’s to a great 2019, thanks for supporting MuayThaiAuthority.com this year!


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