Akhmat Fight Show Battle 6 Grozny Results

Akhmat Fight Show Battle 6 Grozny took place this past weekend in Grozny, Russia. The event featured a mix of Kickboxing, MMA and Boxing. The two kickboxing bouts featured Badr Hari vs. Ismael Londt and Zabit Samedov vs. Dzevad Poutrak.

The main event between Hari and Londt was exciting and lived up to expectations. It seemed that the bout would be over as soon as it started when 10 seconds into the bout a right from Hari dropped Londt. After recovering Londt did not seemed worried as he met Hari in the ring and the two exchanged strikes. With a 1:15 left in the round Londt was sent to the canvas for a second time after a right hand from Hari found its mark. Despite the two knockdowns, Londt did not back down from Hari and continued to meet him in the middle of the ring.

The second round saw the tide swing when Londt connected with a counter right hand that dropped Hari. The crowd went silent as Hari dropped to his knees, but he was able to recover and continue. The momentum swing was short lived as 40 seconds later a right left combo by Hari knocked Londt down for a third time.

Going into the third round you could see the wear and tear on each fighter. 40 seconds into the round Hari connected with a stiff right that sent Londt down for a fourth time. The bout was stopped because of the fourth knockdown and Hari was declared the winner by (T)KO. With the win Hari has now won five consecutive fights, four of those by (T)KO.

Akhmat Fight Show Battle 6 Grozny Results:
Badr Hari def. Ismael Londt via (T)KO (4 Knockdowns) at 0:32 of Rd. 3
Zabit Samedov def. Dzevad Poutrak via Unanimous Decision


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