Akhmat Fight Show 2 Results

Akhmat Fight Show 2

Akhmat Fight Show 2 went down in Grozny, Russia this past weekend. The event featured a main event bout between Zabit Samedov and Paul Slowinski.

The fight was a re-match from their first bout in 2007 and things got going quickly between the two. Samedov looked a lot faster than Slowinski as he attacked the body with punches early in the first round. A right uppercut from Samedov got past Slowinski’s guard and stunned him. Samedov followed with punches and a knee to the face that sent Slowinski to the canvas. When the fight continued Samedov was clearly looking to end the fight, he unloaded a barrage of punches to Slowinski’s head and body. Samedov on the hunt and backed him into a corner and another uppercut floored Slowinski. He was able to beat the referee’s count a second time and with around thirty second left in the round survive Samedov’s onslaught to make it to the second round.

Samedov started the second round confident and aggressive and again knocked Slowinski down, this time with a quick left as Slowinski was pressing forward. The pace of the fight slowed down significantly after that knock down. Slowinski was commited to landing leg kicks, while Samedov used his hands and consistently slipped punches through Slowinski’s guard.

In the third round both fighters came out refreshed. Slowinski was still committed to the leg kicks, while Samedov was on point with his punches. Samedov was clearly in better shape for this fight and in the end took home a unanimous decision.

Akhmat Fight Show 2 Results:
Zabit Samedov def. Paul Slowinski via Unanimous Decision
Roman Kryklya def. Konstantin Gluhov via Unanimous Decision
Maksim Grishin def. Stjepan Bekovac via Split Decision


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