8 Ways To Develop A Warrior Mindset

Warrior Mindset

4. Repeat, repeat, repeat your declarations, visions, goals, and dreams with clarity and emotion: More than 1x a day, tell yourself what you want as if you already have it. For example, I have always told myself that I was making my mark on the NY Muay Thai scene long before I won any titles.

5. Goals should be realistic yet uncomfortable: You want to keep yourself stretching like a rubber band to get where you want to go. It will give you the motivation to keep moving forward, no matter what gets in your way. Stay out of your comfort zone but remember nothing happens overnight. I am now training Brazilian JiuJitsu and my goal is to reach the pinnacle (black belt) but I know it might take a lifetime to truly understand the art.

6. Visualize; “see yourself” in to the possession of the future you want: The vision will create the emotion; the emotion will move you forward. Take 5 minutes before your next training session to envision handling the ups and downs of a rigorous work out while working at your fullest capacity.

7. Believe in yourself: This will dictate how far you can dream. The dream is the container in which you expand your life. Everything and anything you need to achieve your goals is already with in you. A sharp brain and a full heart will be your main weapons. Before Hurricane Sandy destroyed our first gym and home in Rockaway Beach, taking all material things away from us, my first thought was that we would get back up on our feet and become bigger and better than before. We are now in a facility 4x the size with 4x the members and 4x the heart!

8. Make lasting changes from within: All meaningful and lasting thoughts begin on the inside and work its way out. New shorts or gloves won’t give you longevity in the culture but a solid and dynamic warrior mindset will!

Take these concepts and integrate them in to your training/life and create your own story.



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