8 Ways To Develop A Warrior Mindset

Warrior Mindset

Training your physical skills are important, but are you NOT sharpening your mind and your spirit?

A fighter’s journey always starts in the mind. It just takes a thought or a declaration to say that you want something different in your life. It also might be a moment or incident that causes you to contemplate your every being.

For me, it happened in somewhat of a flash when I was a young “knucklehead” in my early 20’s. I found myself in a street scrap with a local thug where I felt as if I might just barely walk away with my life. Luckily it was just a busted nose, and a fractured eye socket that I was able to take as a message for change.

Warrior MindsetFrom that moment on, I was determined to never let anything like that happen again. I remember the thought “I need to learn something that will protect my life”. This is how I found Muay Thai and this is what changed my state of mind forever.

Present day, after 20+ years of training, competing, learning, and coaching in the sport, otherwise known as “The most distinguished form of fighting”, I have realized 8 key ways to hone the Nak Muay Intellect.

1. Use your imagination: As a kid Bruce Lee was my idol (as with most Martial Artists). After my incident, every day I would envision different ways to become self sufficient. Use your imagination while shadowboxing, every round with a different opponent and/or scenario.

2. Make the vision dominant (like a pop up/banner in your head): See yourself doing or being what you want every day, all day. I became dedicated to the thought of being able to defend my life and it is still my thought on a daily basis, not just for me now but for my family as well. Take moments in your day to “see” what you want for yourself.

3. Write down your goals: Put what you want on paper so that you can stay the course. Written goals ensure focus and persistence. The gym I own now started as an idea on paper. Use this in your next training camp and feel more control over your direction and journey to victory.

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