5 Steps To A Powerful Knee

If you have been following our first two articles of our instructional series, you have learned the key steps to throwing powerful push kicks and round kicks! Today we are going to break down one of my favorite techniques: the straight knee.

Landing a long, straight knee can be one of the most satisfying feelings because of the variables that need to be in place to score one! This is the reason why, in Thailand, judges will favor it heavily if a combatant is able to strategically place this in a spot that is not protected properly.

Timing and accuracy, alongside a few other crucial elements, will raise the percentages of causing damage to the opposition. The knee will inflict a heavy shot in most places where it will land. The torso, head, forearms and thigh will all feel the stabbing motion of the knee.

Check out the 5 steps below to landing a powerful and sledge hammer like knee!

Step #1: STANCE
Learn to knee
Begin with a strong stance, doing your best to stay balanced with good posture. A consistent stance is where you mask your true intentions, being sure not to telegraph your techniques.

Learn to knee
As with the footwork for your roundkick, you will take a step out 45 degrees to create momentum, bringing you in to a proper angled distance and keeping your head off center.

learn to knee
As the ball of your supporting foot (lead leg) roots itself in to the ground your power will start to generate, engaging all the muscles from your toes to hip. Planting this pillar will give you the balance to fire onward in to your target.

learn to knee
Driving your hip towards the desired target will ensure your whole torso is locking in for impact. Point your toes downward while pulling your heels towards your glutes to sharpen the knee. Flexing the leg will engage all the muscles necessary to give the knee a hammer-like landing.

learn to knee
This is the sharpest point of the knee, where the femur and shinbone meet, which will give you a battering, ram like tool. Think “through” your target, keeping the opposite side arm up to protect against punch counters. The knee should travel up and in as you swing your arm for torque. As you knee, remember to exhale out, keeping your abdominals tight upon impact.

Put these 5 steps together on the heavy bag or pads, in shadowboxing, or when drilling with a live partner to keep this crucial weapon sharp and a part of your arsenal.

Check out this video breakdown here.


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