The 5 Secrets to Developing a Knockout Punch

Knockouts are what everyone loves to see in fights. For fighters there is no win more decisive.

So how does one develop knockout power? Some people say it is natural ability, and others say it can be worked on and developed. You just have to implement the right strategy to develop it.

Our friends at Evolve MMA put together this list with 5 tips to developing knockout power. Here are 2 of the 5 tips we think are crucial. The rest of the list can be seen here.

1) Focus on technique first and not power

Power comes from correct form. More often than not, people focus more on throwing hard first before they even know how to throw a punch the proper way. This is actually the most common mistake. In order to generate the most power, punches have to be thrown in a correct, technical manner.

Power is generated from the legs and transferred from the torso to the fist, until the final moment of impact. Boxing’s biggest punchers have tremendously stocky legs and solid foundations. Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao, George Foreman, Rocky Marciano – these legends all throw punches with incredible technique.

When you begin to understand that technique precedes power, only then will your punches become more powerful. As always, practice is the only way to perfect your technique, and constant repetition will ensure that your technique is etched into muscle memory.

2) Shift your weight correctly

As stated previously, power is generated from a fighter’s base. In order to transfer power from the legs to the torso and inevitably to the fist, there must be a proper shifting of weight. This is achieved by executing a smooth, fluid motion that allows power to travel from the base to the fist with maximum torque and velocity.

First, you must strengthen your base by sitting down slightly before throwing a punch. With elbows tucked in, the punching arm is launched towards the target.

Simultaneously, the rear foot is pivoted towards the target (when punching with your rear hand) as the torso twists inward. This movement allows all the energy to flow directly from the base to the fist. This is the correct method of shifting weight.

Pro Tip: Avoid cocking the fist back before punching as this telegraphs the attack and gives opponent more time to defend.

You can read the entire list here.


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