49-Year-Old Fighter Passes Away After Muay Thai Knockout Loss

Muay Thai Champion Christian Daghio passed away in the Boxing ring.

Fighting is the only sport you can’t play because the stakes are extremely high. It can easily cost you your life if you are not prepared.

In almost all combat sports there have been tragic incidents that have taken place because of a fight. The most recent incident took place in Bangkok, Thailand when Italy’s Christian Daghio passed away after a vicious knockout.

Daghio was a 49-year-old Italian Muay Thai fighter but was competing in a Boxing match. He had transitioned to Boxing in 2015 and had been having success in the Thailand circuit as all of his professional Boxing matches had taken place in Thailand. He was undefeated at 10-0 going into his October 26 fight against Don Parueang.

The fight was in the 12th round and near the end when tragedy struck. A right hand by Pareueang dropped Daghiao, but he quickly bounced back up to his feet. After the fight was resumed a left hand followed by a right hand sent him down again, but this time he did not get back up. The referee immediately waved off the fight and the doctors rushed into the ring. The scary incident played out live television on Thailand’s Channel 7.

Tragedy struck in the final round of their 12 round fight.

Daghio went into a coma and never recovered, passing away Friday, November 2nd. He was survived by his wife and five-year-old daughter. He had been living in Thailand the past few years, primarily in Phuket as he progressed in his Boxing career. His fight against Parueang was for the WBC Asian Boxing Council Silver Light Heavyweight Title.

What makes this situation worse is that if Daghiao might not have gotten up after the first knockdown he might still be alive today, but sometimes being tough can be a bad thing. He was a fighter until the end and he was willing to go out on his shield. He was actually winning the fight on two of the three judges scorecards and if he thought so as well why not try to make it to the final bell. Unfortunately, that decision cost him his life.

This isn’t the first and probably won’t be the last time that a tragic incident like that took place in the Boxing ring. One of the most well-documented incidents involved Emille Giffith and Benny Paret. The pair was meeting for a third time with the welterweight title on the line and there was bad blood between the pair. In the 12th round Griffith cornered Parent and knocked him out but he remained standing as he was pinned against the corner post. Griffith continued to deliver punches until the bout was stopped.

Ring of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story is a must-see for any combat sports fan.

Like Daghio, Paret slipped into a coma and never recovered. Unfortunately, there have been several deaths in combat sports and it isn’t something that just happens in countries like Asia or a thing from the past.

In 2017 former UFC veteran Tim Hague passed away two days after being knocked out in the second round of a Boxing match. It was confirmed that it was due to injuries sustained in the bout. One of the worst tragedies took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when amateur fighter Dennis Munson was making his Muay Thai debut. Bad refereeing, a bad ringside doctor and bad corner men led to his death after taking unnecessary damage.

Combat sports are very dangerous and this serves as a reminder to everyone that when a fighter steps in the ring he is risking his life.


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