14 Year Old Kickboxer Dies After Collapsing In Ring

14 Year Old Dies after collapsing in ring
Source: Facebook

Sad news out of the England, 14 year old Scott Marsden passed away in the hospital yesterday after collapsing during the final seconds of a Kickboxing bout this past Saturday.

Scott, of Sheffield, England was competing at an event that was not sanctioned by the British Kickboxing Council (BKC), which is the sports governing body according to the Daily Mail. The reason reported for the bout not being sanctioned by the BKC was that it was an under 16 fight that allowed kicks and punches to the head.

Naturally this tragedy has caused an uproar and raised questions. At what age should fighters be allowed to step in the ring and fight? This is a hot button in issue all over the world, but history proven that age isn’t really a determining factor in situations like this. According to a facebook post by the gym Marsden trained at, there was no sign that the fight needed to be stopped or that Scott was in trouble. The post also states that the referee stepped in as soon as he could which kept Scott from falling to the canvas and instead was laid down into the recovery position.

It is understandable that everyone is upset at this tragedy, but if the reports are correct this did not occur because someone did not do their job correctly. In the past these tragic instances such as these have gone under heavy criticism because of mistakes that were made by referee’s, promoters, ring doctors or corner men.

Death in combat sports seems to be more common in Mixed Martial Arts, but the three most recent incidents in Kickboxing have occurred in Australia and twice in the United States. The most notable is probably the death of Dennis Munson Jr in 2014. Munson is seen on video struggling to stay up right in his first amatuer Kickboxing bout, but the referee, ring doctor, or corner men do nothing to help the struggling fighter.

Like Scott’s fight, the event that Dennis Munson Jr fought at was not regulated. The state in which it took place (Wisconsin) did not have any type of regulatory body in place for Kickboxing at the time. Munson’s tragedy forced the state to look into the sanctioning of Kickboxing and eventually made changes to who regulates Kickboxing in the state.

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