Watch: Wing Chun Master vs. Karate Black Belt Ends Brutally

One of the longest debates in Martials History pertains to which style is better.

We might not ever know the answer to this, but from time to time we get to see practitioners from different styles go against one another. In this case we got to see a Wing Chun master take on a Karate black belt. The two men in the video are Wing Chun master Pierre Francis Flores from Canada and Karate black belt Đoàn Bảo Chau from Vietnam.

Flores has made a name for himself in recent years by competing against or martial artist in street fights. In this case he was challenged by Chau and he gladly accepted.

There is a clear size difference between the two martial artist, with Flores clearly being the bigger of the two. Despite this both men have no problem with the fight taking place. I do have to note that this would have probably should have been done at a dojo, because it doesn’t make any sense to fight on concrete like they do.

What is great about this video is that despite it ending in brutal fashion, before the fight and afterwards both men show nothing but respect to one another and are able to sit down and enjoy a meal together as they break bread. This is the true essence of martial arts. It is not about humiliating or demeaning you opponent, it is simply about testing out one’s skills.

Check out the video below to see who wins and let us know if that is who you thought would win.


  1. This is bullshit. With all their martial arts knoledge, the’re still going at eah other like they are in a street brawl. No finesse in their movements, just two dudes street fighting (kind of).


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