WATCH: Fighter Gets Knocked Out 4 Times In 30 Seconds

Fighters are tough and most refuse to quit. This is the reason there are referees, to protect the fighters from their own toughness.

Sometimes, however, the referee forgets to do his job and fighters take unnecessary damage. UFC president Dana White has been very vocal about bad referring during UFC fights. He has verbally insulted referees like Steve Mazzagatti and Mario Yamasaki for questionable decisions or stopping fights too late. Mazzagatti especially has caught the wrath of Dana White on several occasions.

It is a difficult job and not everyone is able to do it efficiently. Those that do it well are greatly respected and despite sometimes their decision to stop a fight not being popular, it needs to happen. Their job is not to be liked, it is to protect the fighter.

It is needed because some fighters are too tough for their own good and if it wasn’t for the referee they would continue until they are dead.

Sometimes they let the fight go on and it proves to be the right decision because the fighter that was in trouble ends up winning, but that doesn’t always happen. If they let the fight go on and the fighter in trouble loses then the referee immediately get’s criticized for not having stopped it sooner.

He was literally knocked out four times before the fight was stopped

The referee in this fight definitely made the wrong choice by allowing this fight to continue. There is no questioning the fighter’s heart in this situation because he kept fighting until the very end. Despite being tough, the referee clearly made a huge mistake by allowing this fighter to continue. He got knocked out four times and this fight should have been stopped after the first time.

There is plenty of good referees in the fight game, but the guys that make the mistakes seem to get more attention than the guys that do a great job. Look at the referees in Thailand. Muay Thai referees in Thailand are the best in any combat sport. These guys dive to the floor to make sure a fighters head doesn’t bounce off the canvas. It is quite amazing to see these referees in action.

In Thailand, fighter safety is a priority for the referee

Quick thinking is needed by any good referee. Their quick reactions like in the video above prevent unnecessary damage from happening. In other examples, it is a thing of beauty to watch the referee willing to sacrifice his body to make sure the fighter doesn’t get injured. Muay Thai fans love the referees because of their passion for their job. You never see a referee in the UFC making a dive to keep a fighters head from bouncing off the canvas.

Not all referees can be superstars, but one thing that should not happen is anything like a fighter getting knocked out four times. That is completely ridiculous. Technically this fighter went 0-4 in a matter of 30 seconds.


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