UFC Champ Cody Garbrandt Trashes Muay Thai Champ Liam Harrison

Apparently becoming a UFC champion makes you feel invincible.

UFC bantamweight Cody Garbrandt took to social media to complain about pound for pound MMA rankings and somehow in the midst of it ended up calling UK Muay Thai standout and Yokkao champion Liam Harrison a “nobody Thai Boxer” and added that he would be “easy work”.

Now we are not sure how much Muay Thai Cody Garbrandt watches, but apparently he hasn’t seen Liam Harrison fight.

Garbrandt was complaining about Conor McGregor and someone suggested he cross over and fight Liam Harrison, similar to Conor crossing over to Boxing for Floyd Mayweather. That is when he trashed Liam Harrison, clearly not knowing what he was talking about.

Harison responded to the insult from Garbrandt by reposting on his Instagram with the caption “@cody_nolove a nobody thai boxer😂. Easy work??? Someone has been smoking crack. You would have to change your name to Cody no leg by time I was finished with you”

For anyone not familiar with Liam he is multiple time Muay Thai champion that has fought a who’s who list of fighters in Muay Thai. He is known for devastating leg kicks.

This fight will probably never happen, but if it does Garbrandt would be in for rude awakening. I would settle for them sparring, because even then Liam could get to chop that leg with those vicious kicks.

Update: Cody Garbrandt has said that it was a fake account that posted this, but while doing so insults Liam Harrison and lays out open invite if he wants it. Read exactly what he said here.

You can see the Instagram post from Liam Harrison below.


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