UFC Champ Cody Garbrandt Says He Didn’t Trash Muay Thai Champ Liam Harrison

UFC Champ Cody Garbrandt Says He Didn't Trash Muay Thai Champ Liam Harrison

Muay Thai champion Liam Harrison posted on Instagram what appears to be a screen shot of UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt trashing him.

Since the post Muay Thai fans have come out in droves defending Harrison and smack talking Garbrandt. It might seem that everyone got up in arms and it wasn’t Garbrandt who made the post.

The initial comments in the screen shot that Harrison posted had the Instagram handle @cody_nolove trashing McGregor because of pound for pound rankings. Someone suggested he cross over and fight Harrison and the reply that got everyone up in arms was “LOL a nobody Thai Boxer easy work”. In the screen shot this post was from @cody_nolove, which is the verified Instagram¬†handle of Garbrandt.

Harrison’s reply to the screen shot was “@cody_nolove a nobody thai boxer. Easy work??? Someone has been smoking crack. You would have to change your name to Cody no leg by time I was finished with you”. You can see Harrison’s post here.

Garbrandt has since posted on social media stating it was a fake account that posted that, although the Instagram handle in the screen shot is his. Could be a Photoshop hoax, the post where those comments were made remains a mystery. Seems like a misunderstanding, but in stating that it wasn’t him Garbrandt didn’t hesitate to insult Harrison. On Instagram he responded directly to Harrison’s post with the following.

“Man you are stupid as (expletive) that isn’t even me! That account isn’t even verified. Also I don’t even know who the (explitive) you are! @liam_badco”.

You can see a screen shot of the exact comment below.

After that comment shots have definitely been fired. In addition to this he posted on a twitter response to Sports Illustrated model and Muay Thai enthusiast Mia Kang the following.

“lol that’s a fake account on IG plus I don’t know who Liam is? But if he wants this work 1705 I street Sacramento, California”.

That sounds like he is ready to step in the ring with Harrison. I guess that is what happens when there is a misunderstanding (if you believe Garbrandt) between two of combat sports elite fighters.

Would be great to see Liam Harrison make the trip to Sacramento and meet Garbrandt for a sparring session. You can see the twitter comment below.

UFC Champ Cody Garbrandt Says He Didn't Trash Muay Thai Champ Liam Harrison


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