Trailer For Buakaw’s New Action Movie

Trailer For Buakaw's New Action Movie

Buakaw is a jack of all trades. Not only can he beat you up in the ring, he can also play the leading role in a movie.

The Thai superstar will continue his world take over in 2017 with the release of his movie “The Legend of the Broken Sword Hero”. This won’t be Buakaw’s first time acting, but it will be his first leading role.

In 2010 Buakaw had a role in the movie “Yamada: The Samurai of Ayothaya”. Also acting in that movie were Muay Thai fighters Yodsanklai, Saenchai and Anuwat Kaewsamrit.

In his new role he will be playing a character by the name of Thongdee. The movie is supposed to be based on Phraya Phichai, who was a Thai nobleman during the Ayutthaya period. He was known for fighting with a sword in each hand, until one broke.

It seems the movie will take place before Phraya Phichai became a nobleman and served the king, or at least that will be the main focus of the film. It is directed by Bin Bunluerit. He is a Thai director and actor, and unless you are into Thai cinema the only place you most likely saw him was in the 2004 movie Alexander with Colin Farrell in which he played King Porus.

(Click next to check out the action packed trailer for Buakaw’s movie “The Legend of the Broken Sword”)

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