This Martial Artist is Being Called The Reincarnation of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was a martial arts pioneer. He bridged the gap between ancient martial arts and modern society with his philosophies and skill.

His philosophies impacted in one way or another many of the people in martial arts today and millions around the world. It is not often you get to see someone make such an amazing impact on society. Since Bruce Lee’s tragic death we have not seen any martial artist revolutionize martial arts as he did, but the buzz is starting to build around DK Yoo.

This is a highly debatable comparison, but with the invention of the internet, it is a lot easier for someone to gain traction in their methods. DK Yoo has been a hot commodity on YouTube in the last six months with his videos gaining 18 million views in the last 7 months. Videos of his that have gotten major attention are Zero inch punch and 15 martial arts. The zero inch punch seems to be his answer to Bruce Lee’s one-inch punch. In his 15 martial arts video he shows his application of 15 different martial arts depending on the scenario.

The Zero Inch Punch.

As you can see he shows the force that can be used to knock an opponent down without any space. Critics will be quick to criticize him and say this is staged. Keep in mind that Bruce Lee has his doubters as well when it comes to his one-inch punch.

His video for 15 martial arts starts of with text saying that says “the choice of a particular martial arts technique depends on each specific fight situation.” He doesn’t claim one martial art is best above everything, but instead, the implementation of several martial arts is the key. This train of thought makes a lot of sense. Many times people are so persistent that their specific martial art that they are not willing to see the flaws.

DK Yoo doesn’t claim to be a master of every martial art but instead focuses on being proficient in the several martial arts he demonstrates.

Who is DK Yoo?

DK is a 39-year old South Korean martial artist. His primary background is in the Russian martial art Systema. Its focus included hand to hand combat, grappling, knife fighting and firearms. Not really something you would expect from someone being touted as the next Bruce Lee.

DK’s martial arts philosophy is 以武會友 which means to make friends with martial arts. He believes that anyone that practices martial arts is a friend of his that is walking his same path.

DK Yoo is also proficient in weapons.

No one can predict the future. DK Yoo could be a flash in the pan or he could be the real deal. For martial arts fans comparing him to Bruce Lee is very ambitious, but if he is the next Bruce Lee time will tell.

What are your thoughts on DK Yoo? Do you think he has what it takes to be considered the next Bruce Lee? A better might question might be can anyone surpass Bruce Lee? I personally think Bruce Lee’s legend is too big for anyone to surpass him.

There have also been multiple questions surrounding Yoo’s history. Has he ever fought competitively, and are these demonstrations and seminars simply a well-staged ploy for money?


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