WATCH: The Most Brutal Fight From The First Legal Bare Knuckle Boxing Event In The USA

This past weekend history was made in the United States when it came to Bare Knuckle Boxing. The first legal Bare Knuckle Boxing event in over 100 years was held in the state of Wyoming.

The promotion Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship made history with the event. It was an amazing night of Bare Knuckle action and fight fans who watched were left wanting more. The night’s event featured former UFC fighters, MMA veterans, and Bare Knuckle Boxing sensation Bobby Gunn. If someone was to steal the show at the Bare Knuckle FC inaugural event it was sure to be Gunn right? Wrong! The fight that has everyone buzzing is the five-round war between Joey Beltran and Tony Lopez.

Beltran and Lopez put on a brutal display of boxing that saw nothing but grit and heart from the two. It was an all-out slugfest that proved both men are tough as nails. Against any other opponent, either of them would have won by knockout. The fight started off with both fighters being cautious but midway through after a timeout by the ref due to an accidental headbutt both men came to life.

Beltran and Lopez both became more aggressive and started to let the fists fly at a ferocious pace. Beltran drew first blood as he cut Lopez while they exchanged rabbit punches in the clinch. The pace only picked up after the third round and by the end of the fight, both men were bruised and bloodied. The amount of punishment each of them dished out and absorbed is incredible. This was exactly was Bare Knuckle Boxing is about and fans were treated to a show. In the end, Beltran took home the decision win over Lopez, but they both had the respect of fight fans. Hopefully, this fight is to Bare Knuckle FC was Forst Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar 1 was to the UFC.

Photographer: Jacob Byk/The Wyoming Tribune Eagle

Lopez and Beltran left everything in the ring.

Beltran is a UFC and Bellator veteran and is known for his hard-hitting style. He came into the fight looking to avenge two losses to Lopez that took place in MMA fights back in 2008 and 2009. He did not disappoint as he dished out the punishment and took it as well. Beltran is no stranger to big fights as he has faced off against Quinton Jackson, current UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic and a slew of other top MMA Contenders.

Lopez is a Bellator veteran and a fighter who many are surprised never received a call to the UFC. The 13 year MMA veteran has been in the ring with plenty of guys that have made it to the UFC and has made a name for himself for being a scrapper. He proved that once again in this fight with Beltran. He was more than happy to engage Beltran anywhere in the ring. From a distance, in the clinch, if he could let a punch fly he was doing so.

It was an amazing performance by the two fighters and I would gladly watch these two throwdown against each other again or against anyone else in the Bare Knuckle FC ring. Check out their fight below and let us know what you think about their fight.


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