Team McGregor Reveals Plan to Beat Khabib & It’s…Interesting


Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov are destined to collide for the UFC lightweight title. The biggest question is when…

After what seems like a lifetime of waiting for his fans, former two-weight world champion Conor McGregor inches closer to a UFC comeback. Following his second trial hearing on July 26 for his infamous bus attack, McGregor is likely to have a comeback not long after.

Providing, that is, he doesn’t get jail time. Meanwhile, undefeated wrestler Khabib Nurmagomedov holds the lightweight strap at present. Currently 26-0, ‘The Eagle’ dropped some interesting comments in the mix regarding McGregor earlier this week.

Firstly, Khabib stated“Very soon, I’m going to come to the USA to begin my training camp. When the UFC give me fight, I’m going to come to California and I’m going to stay there in AKA with my family nine weeks before fight. I’m going to defend my (belt) Inshallah this year.”

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Khabib vs. Conor, a fight for the ages…

Team McGregor’s Gameplan is Interesting

Nurmagomedov went on to say he would ‘destroy’ McGregor, since then the Irishman’s striking coach has told about their plan to defeat Khabib. Check it out:

“We all sit down, and we look at where the holes are and what we can do to exploit the opponent,” Roddy told MMAjunkie. “Khabib brings a lot of problems, as do all fighters. But he’s not bulletproof. It’s not an impossible code to crack.”

“You just have to see where those openings are and put the shots in,” he said. “So that would be my role. Obviously, we would be bringing in a wrestling coach, and (McGregor head coach) John (Kavanagh) would be working the overall game and jiu-jitsu game.

“It’s another day at the office. It’s great fun fighting these different opponents that bring different threats.”

So, a wrestling coach and try to land some shots…?

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Conor McGregor will have to be all over wrestling as he prepares for Khabib…

“If the people kick up enough fuss and get behind that fight, I think it will happen,” Roddy said. “Conor will fight the person that brings the biggest draw. That’s the way he’s always fought. If it is Khabib, that’s the next fight. But I don’t know yet.”

“Khabib’s striking, it’s good,” he said. “It’s (worked for) him in his other fights, but he’s definitely not at the level of striking that Conor’s at. Nobody is. Conor’s by far the best striker in MMA, in my opinion.”

“There are always openings, whether you’re a wrestler or a kickboxer or jiu-jitsu guy,” he said. “The fight always starts standing, so there’s always opportunities to land strikes, and everybody leaves openings. I’m sure we can land shots on Khabib – most definitely.”

Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov could easily sell out a stadium…

Stay Off The Mat

If there’s anything Khabib has shown us through the years, it’s that he is not a guy you want to grapple with. Having dominated BJJ black belts on the mat, Khabib’s ground game is not to be trifled with.

Obviously, McGregor’s coach isn’t going to let the full plan out of the bag, but, we can speculate. Something to catch Khabib rushing in for a takedown? Put your money on that.


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