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Buakaw vs. Yodsanklai Now Likely For 2018

The Muay Thai world went into a frenzy last week when Buakaw and Yodsanklai squared off in the ring at MAS Fight 1. Buakaw performed a demo at the event, while Yodsanklai scored a first round KO in his fight with Masoud Minaei. After Yodsanklai’s win, Buakaw was brought into …

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Yodsanklai Returns At Mas Fight This Weekend

Yodsanklai Fairtex will be back in action this upcoming Saturday, April 15 at Mas Fight in China. Despite what the Mas Fight promotional poster above looks like, Yodsanklai will not be fighting Buakaw. He will be fighting Masoud Minaei of Iran. The reason Buakaw is on the poster is because …

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Buakaw vs. Khayal Dzhaniev

Buakaw is often criticized for not taking fights against the best in the world anymore. To be fair, he does fight top talent he just doesn’t fight Thai’s anymore. One of the issues for guys like Buakaw, Saenchai, and Yodsanklai is that when people fight them they are often in …

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Buakaw vs. Giorgio Petrsoyan

Buakaw vs. Giorgio Petrosyan

One fight that would have fans buzzing would be a re-match between Buakaw and Giorgio Petrosyan. When you think of Muay Thai the first name that comes to mind is most likely Buakaw. When you think of Kickboxing first name that most likely comes to mind is Giorgio Petrosyan. The …

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Buakaw Is Quite The Jokester

Buakaw is quite the jokester

In case you missed it, Buakaw recently filmed an action movie called “The Legend of the Broken Sword Hero”. Buakaw is the lead in the movie and if you haven’t seen the trailer you can watch it here. It looks amazing if you like martial arts movies, it is hist …

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Trailer For Buakaw’s New Action Movie

Trailer Of Buakaw's New Action Movie

Buakaw is a jack of all trades. Not only can he beat you up in the ring, he can also play the leading role in a movie. The Thai superstar will continue his world take over in 2017 with the release of his movie “The Legend of the Broken Sword …

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Buakaw Drives A Taxi Around Bangkok

Buakaw drives a taxi around Bangkok

You have probably seen at some point or another one of those prank shows where a celebrity works a regular job. Customers come in look at the celebrity and ask them if they are them, but the celebrity denies it for a while. Eventually they finally admitting the are said …

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Buakaw Destroys Tree With Kicks Live On Stage

Buakaw Destorying Tree

Buakaw is easily the most famous Muay Thai fighter in the world. The man is a superstar, and an entertainer. There are plenty of great fighters out there, some that many consider better than Buakaw. The reason Buakaw is a superstar and others are not is simple, he knows how …

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