SuperKombat WGP Set For April 7th In Romania

SuperKombat WGP

SuperKombat WGP will take place April 7, 2017 at the Romexpo Dome in Bucharest, Romania.

You can say the promotion has come full circle, as that is the location of the first ever promoted SuperKombat event seven years ago.

The WGP will feature heavyweight elimination bouts for the promotions year end tournament. Although no match ups for the April 7th event have been announced yet, seven of the eight fighters have been confirmed. They are Sebastian Cozmanca, Robert Constantin, Kaz Mwamba, Dawid Zoltaszek, Cristian Ristea, Imanol Rodriguez and Daniel Stefanovski.

These heavyweights pack some serious power, which should lead to some exciting fights for the promotions debut on the CBS Sports Network.

SuperKombat has been looking to increase their presence with an American audience and in late 2016 signed a deal with CBS Sports Network. In addition they partnered up with media company Five’s International to increase their production value. This was evident for their first event of 2017 which took placea a few weeks ago.



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