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Someone Was Actually Dumb Enough To Try And Start A Street Fight With Buakaw

Street Fight with Buakaw

Apparently these guys were only tough guys when they were drinking, because when they were brought face to face with Buakaw they were dead silent.

He would be the last guy I would want pissed off. The two guys happened to be from the Isan region of Thailand like Buakaw. Naturally Buakaw was mad that these guys were trying to start stuff with him, when all he was trying to do was prepare for his fight. He gave them a piece of his mind and that was that. It would have been great if they were made to fight a round with Buakaw.

When the men were asked why they decided to try and pick on him, one responded that he was drunk and wanted the challenge. Well lucky for him Buakaw had more common sense than engaging in a street fight with these guys. For two reason, one he probably would have killed these guys, and two it is never worth risking anything in a street fight because you don’t know what will happen. What if one of these morons had a knife or gun.

Kudos to Buakaw for not getting bated into something that could have been bad for everyone involved.

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  1. Why calling them morons if they were drunk? Who are you to judge?

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