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Someone Was Actually Dumb Enough To Try And Start A Street Fight With Buakaw

Street Fight With Buakaw
Buakaw upset at the two guys that were harassing him.

Anyone who remotely knows anything about Muay Thai knows that Buakaw Banchamek is one bad man. Despite that someone was actually dumb enough to try and start a street fight with Buakaw.

Back in early September of 2014, Buakaw was training for the TopKing World Series Tournament in Belarus. In order to prepare for the tournament Buakaw shifted his schedule around and would go for runs at two in the morning because of the time difference from Belarus to Thialand. This shift in training is what ended up with a group of guys thinking they should try and pick on the Thai superstar.

His trainer Satien Somkaw got in trouble with police for carrying a concealed firearm without having a permit. His explanation for having the concealed weapon was that because of the shift in training times, Buakaw had been harassed and threatened when going to jog at two in the morning and the gun was for protection.

Apparently these guys would pick on Buakaw as he ran past the construction sites and at times would even ride their motor bikes up the gym and threaten Buakaw. Alcohol was believed to be heavily involved. That is also the only reason these guys acting like this would make any sense whatsoever. No person in their right mind would try and start anything with Buakaw.

Eventually two of the men were found and were brought face to face with Buakaw.

(Click next to read what happened when the punks were brought face to face with Buakaw)

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  1. Why calling them morons if they were drunk? Who are you to judge?

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