“Shaolin Monk” Taunts Muay Thai Fighter And Gets Knocked Out

Shaolin Monk Taunts Muay Thai Fighter And Gets Knocked Out

If you are a fan of Muay Thai or Kickboxing then you have probably come across a man by the name of Yi Long in your YouTube searches for fights.

Yi Long is billed as a “Shaolin Monk” and a great warrior. None of that can actually be verified. If his name sounds really familiar it is because he recently beat Buakaw Banchamek in China this past November in a decision that was highway robbery.

For those that have never seen a Yi Long fight before, he likes to do this thing called the Iron Chin. He puts his hands down and takes a few hits that make him seem invincible and crowds eat it up. The problem with this is you better really have a cast iron chin to pull off a stunt like that.

Not only is it a disrespectful taunt of your opponent, you can most certainly bet that he will be looking to unload on you with the heaviest punch or kick he can unleash.

In Yi Long’s fight with Josh Pickthall things did not go exactly as planned for the so called “Shaolin Monk”.

(Click next to watch Yi Long’s taunt go horribly wrong)

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