Saenchai Sparring 2 Fighters At Once

Saenchai Sparring 2 Fighters at once

Saenchai is arguably the best Muay Thai fighter competing right now.

The man is a smooth as they come in the ring, and he also packs some power. He is a fan favorite and seems to always be in good spirits when you see him in videos. He likes to have a good time in the ring, and is currently on a 26 fight win streak and has not lost since October of 2014.

In this video Saenchai is doing some sparring at the Yokkao training center when Manachai and Singdam decide they want to get in on the action and start to kick him. Soon it turns into a good spirited 2 vs. 1 sparring session. Kicks are exchanged and at first it seems taking on two fighters is no problem for Seanchai. Eventually, however, he is forced off the mat by the two fighters.

It is definitely a fun video to watch, and my guess is that if it wasn’t two other elite Thai’s messing with Saenchai then he might have gotten the better of the two fighters.

Even in this video where they aren’t going very hard, Saenchai’s speed is great. That is one of the things that makes him so good. His so fast in the ring, it is hard to hit him.

Check out the video of Seanchai sparring two fighters at once and let us know what you like about the Thai great.


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