Saenchai Knocks Out Sparring Partner

Saenchai Knocks Out Sparring Partner

When you spar you aren’t supposed to be trying to knock out your opponent. It is supposed to be to improve technique against a live opponent, but sometimes it happens.

When you step in the ring to spar with a guy like Saenchai you need to know what you are walking into. Saenchai isn’t the type of guy that will try to knock your head off in sparring, but he is so good that it might just happen. You have to be well aware of this if you are stepping into the ring with him. Keep your guard up at all times because even a kick at half power from Saenchai is enough to put you down.

I remember when Seanchai fought in Los Angeles one time he was sparring with an amateur fighter and he swept him. It wasn’t anything crazy just going through the motions in sparring, but the guy he swept ended up dislocating his shoulder. If you are a Muay Thai fan that’s a memory to cherish. Although the pain you are in might not let you realize that until later.

In this video Saencahi is just really relaxed, it’s just another day in the ring for him. He isn’t throwing hard, but before you know it his opponent is on the canvas.

(Click next to watch Saenchai knock out his sparring partner)


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