Robber Gets Head Kicked And Goes Into Seizure

If you plan on committing a crime you need to make sure that no one around can stop you.

In this case a man tried to rob a jewelry store and unfortunately for him a bystander had some fancy moves. The man walked in and put what looks to be an envelope down on the counter demanding it be filled. Before anything can happen a patron levels him with head kick.

It wasn’t a bad looking head kick either, if anything my guess would be that he had some martial arts training. He came in fast and connected right on the head, which I would guess based on the look that it was Taekwondo training. To add insult to injury not only does the guy get kicked in the head, but he starts to have a seizure when he hits the ground.

Some people might say that is Karma, but regardless a man’s life is in trouble and the same guy that just head kicked him is now trying to help him. It looks pretty bad at one point, but eventually it seems the man recovers. You have to give credit to the guy that hit him in the head, he stopped a robbery and helped save a life all in the matter of one minute.

I bet he will think twice next time before trying to rob a place. Check out the video below.


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