Retired Kickboxing Champion On Trial For Multiple Rapes

Retired Kickboxing Champion On Trial For Multiple Rapes
Curtis Page Sr. with his two sons Michael “Venom” Page and Curtis Page Jr.

Retired Kickboxer Curtis Page Sr. is currently on trial facing charges for six rapes, 14 indecent assaults, and two counts of having sex with a person under the age of 13.

The Daily Mail reported that the charges are 22 historical sex assaults and rapes against three girls over a decade, from 1985 to 1995.

Page Sr. is the father of current Bellator MMA superstar Michael “Venom” Page. He has trained his son since the age of three.

All three of the alleged victims were students of Curtis Page Sr. and the description of what took place paints a very dark picture.

One of the women said that Page Sr. would rape her after martial arts classes and that when she was older he once raped her while holding a knife to her throat and threatening to throw her out a window.

Another of the alleged victims states that he took her virginity when she was 12. She came forward in 2013 after seeing a picture of herself when she was 11 and it brought back a reminder of the abuse.

Page Sr. was convicted of two sexual assaults last year, but a retrial was ordered as other charges he was facing did not have the verdicts returned.

He doesn’t deny having relationships with the women, but he insists that when they took place they were over the age of 16. In the United Kingdom the age of consent is 16. He also believes that the three women are conspiring together get him in trouble.

Page was reported to be a three time Kickboxing champion. He is in fact a three time Kickboxing champion, but not like the Kickboxing most are used to seeing today. He was a full contact Kickboxing champion. He was part of the Great Britain Martial Arts Association and vice chairman of the British Kickboxing Council, but his information has been removed from their websites.

Very sad to hear about this situation. Whether he will be found guilty or not is up to the courts to decide, but what makes this type of situation even worse is the the accused was in a position of trust. Parents are supposed to be able to entrust their children with their martial arts instructor, doesn’t matter the art.

You can read more on the charges and case on the Daily Mail.


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