Real Life Matrix Move In Muay Thai Fight

Matrix Move in Muay Thai

Are you ready to see the best move to ever take place in a Muay Thai fight?

Rafael Fiziev is going to blow your mind with his Matrix style evasive skills. You often hear comparisons to movies, but most of the type it is just hype. This dodge by Rafael Fiziev is not hype. The man literally dodges a kick like Neo dodges bullets in the action blockbuster The Matrix.

The move has gone viral with people like UFC president Dana White calling it the craziest thing he has ever seen. You have to watch it more than once because it is unbelievable.

Fiziev trains at Phuket Top Team in Thailand and it should come as no surprise that he can pull off such a move. The reason for this is simple, training at Phuket Top Team is Lerdsila “Mr. Lighting”. For those not familiar with him, he is one of the most evasive fighters in Muay Thai.

(Click next to see this amazing dodge and have your mind blown)

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