Nerdy Girl Beats Up Guys At Muay Thai Gym

nerdy girl beats up guys at Muay Thai gym

What do you do when you have new trainers at your gym? Prank them of course.

That is exactly with this Malaysian gym did, and to help them pull off the prank they enlisted pro Muay Thai fighter Germaine Yeap.

The set up was simple. Germaine wanders into the gym like a new student that doesn’t know much. They show her looking like a complete novice punching the bag and just looks out of place. She then asks the trainer to teach her to spar, after some convincing the trainer agrees.

It is pretty funny how uncoordinated and nonathletic she makes herself look. It is crazy to think that the trainers actually agreed to spar with her after watching her in the gym.

When they step in the ring the trainers clearly think they will be teaching her, but she has other plans. She continues to play the part at first, and the trainers push her around the ring a little and pepper her with punches. Basically what you would expect to happen if she really was like the character she was playing.

Germaine calls for a break and when they return is when the beast is unleashed.

(Click next to watch the video of Germaine pretending to be a nerd and beating up the guys at the gym)


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