Muay Thai vs. Boxing In Backyard Fight

Muay Thai vs. Boxing

If you surf the internet, especially YouTube will run into plenty of videos that say Muay Thai vs. whatever martial art you can think of.

About 90% of the time the person that is supposed to be the Muay Thai fighter is horrible, and who knows if they actually have any real Muay Thai experience. In this video the guy that is the Muay Thai person actually knows what they are doing.

The person we are talking about is Chutiphat Rungsawang, also known by his fighting name of Chanchai Sitsapahan. He teaches Muay Thai now a days, and in this video he is brought into compete in a backyard fight. The fight is actually Muay Thai vs. Boxing because it is agreed that Master Cha is allowed to kick and punch, but his opponent will only be punching.

Now before we get into the fight lets break down what this so called Boxer was getting himself into. Chutiphat has been fighting Muay Thai since he was 11 years old, living in Southern Thailand. He has competed in the bigger stadiums in Thailand including Lumpinee and Rajadamnern.

The guy he was fighting I doubt has ever fought professional boxing, so whoever set this up was pretty much screwing that so called Boxer over.

Chutiphat with his Muay Thai belts.

If you notice at the beginning of the video Chutiphat has a pretty famous UFC fighter in his corner. That’s right Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal. For those that don’t know, Masvidal made his bones fighting in backyards back in his early days.

When the fights starts at first you wouldn’t think Chutiphat knows what he is doing, his hands are low he really doesn’t seem to care. He showboats a little and ends up getting knocked down three times. Although by the smile he has on his face, you really have to wonder if it was for show or he was really hurt. Either way at this point he boxer is feeling really confident, then Chutiphat decides to start doing some work.

He starts to attack the legs with low kicks. Being a Boxer the guy has no clue how to check a kick and eats every single one that Chutiphat throws. Eventually he goes down because of a leg kick, when he is back on his feet Jorge Masvidal tells Chutiphat to go high with the kick since the Boxer will be expecting the low kick. That is exactly what Chutiphat does and it is game over.

He might not have looked like he knew what he was doing at first, but the man did. He was just buying his time.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.


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