There is Muay Thai Video Game For Your Phone

There is Muay Thai Video Game For Your Phone

There are multiple things I enjoy, two of those are Muay Thai and video games.

You don’t often get to enjoy a combination of both because as far as Muay Thai video games go there isn’t any. Until now, to my surprise there is a Muay Thai video game for your phone. There is actually two, Muay Thai – Fighting Origins and the newer Muay Thai 2 – Fighting Clash.

Both games are developed by Imperium Multimedia Games and they aren’t that bad considering there aren’t many options when it comes to Muay Thai games. I downloaded Muay Thai 2 – Fighting Clash since it was the newer one.

I have to let you know that I am not sure they actually have the likeness rights of the fighters in the game. Most of the fighters names are spelled wrong but you can tell who they are referring to. Buakaw Banchamek is Banchemak Buakaw, Badr Hari is Bader Hary, Giorgio Petrosyan is Georgio Petrosien, and you get the point. Not sure if this is done intentionally as a work around the likeness of the fighters or they really just don’t know how to spell their names. The visuals aren’t spot on perfect but enough that when tied to the name you can tell who they are.

As for the game play it is pretty simple. You control basic attacks by swiping on the screen. These attacks are punches, and as you score with punches moves like kicks, spinning back fists, etc appear on the screen and you press them to perform them. The part that was a let down was the clinch. When you clinch a bar comes up that is supposed to be a mini game and you tap it as fast as you can to fill it up, and then nothing happens.

There are exhibition matches, career mode with your custom fighter, and tournament as game modes. To get the fighters such as the ones mentioned above you need to earn gold playing the different game modes and you can unlock them. You can also unlock different fighting trunks and gloves.

What I would say is the best part of the game is the fact that you can play it offline. This is huge especially when travelling and you don’t have data or WiFi.

This isn’t the best fighting game out there, but it is the only option if you want Muay Thai. If you are travelling it is a solid way to pass the time on a long flight, or if you just need to play a Muay Thai video game because you love it so much. It is at least worth a download on your phone to check it out. Hopefully if they make a third version they can improve on the graphics, game play and controls. Some minor tweaks could make this a really great game.

You also can’t complain much because it is free. I downloaded for Android from the Google Play Store, not sure if it is available in the iPhone App Store.


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