Muay Thai Fighter Breaks Opponents Leg With Kick

Muay Thai Fighter Breaks Opponents Leg With Kick

One of the most effective, yet often underappreciated techniques in combat sports is the low kick.

In Muay Thai and Kickboxing it is a lot of fighter’s bread and butter. Unlike MMA where it seems a lot of guys seem to forget about low kicks, they are steadily used in Thai Boxing. When landed correctly they can quickly break down an opponent.

It has happened countless times in MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing that a fighter that doesn’t know how to check a leg kick is taken out by a fighter that knows how to deliver solid kicks. A lot of people get excited when they see a kick land with the foot whether it is a low kick or a head kick, but for a kick to really be effective you need to connect with the shin not the foot.

If you deliver a few leg kicks to a fighter’s thigh with your shin and not your foot, odds are they are going to start feeling very uncomfortable and potentially end the fight.

In this fight we have a fighter who is called Dux that is fighting for Sinbi Muay Thai, and he delivers a bone crushing leg kick that messes up his opponents leg. His knee gets dislocated or broken, not sure but it definitely isn’t alright.

(Click next to watch Dux brake his opponents leg with a kick)

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