MMA Fighter Wanted For Involvement In Drug Empire

Life after fighting can be difficult and many fighters have made big mistakes with the law when their fighting career is done.

British MMA fighter Paul Cahoon is currently wanted by authorities for his alleged involvement in a drug empire in Liverpool, England. According to the Liverpool Echo, Cahoon was part of a group that was flooding South Wales with drugs. The gang that Cahoon was believed to be leading distributed 200k of amphetamines through drug runs from Merseyside to South Wales.

The North West regional organized crime unit also known as Titan carried out a series of raids in 2016 which led to the arrest of seven men. It was known as Operation Orlando, and the men that were arrested got sentenced to 51 years in prison. Cahoon is still a ghost to authorities, they have been looking for him since the initial raid that stopped the gang from further distributing drugs.

It is believed that Cahoon is in Dubai and authorities warn the public not to approach him if he is spotted. He is believed to be violent and dangerous if anyone sees him they should call the local authorities.

Cahoon was a popular fighter int he Liverpool area. He was nicknamed Boom Boom for his fighting style he faced a few decent names during his fight career. Some of his more notable opponents included Melvin Manhoef, Ian Freeman, Amar Suloev, and Kazuhiro Nakamura. Unfortunately for Cahoon, he ended up on the losing end of all of those fights.

He accumulated a record of 13-12 during his pro fighting career. He had a rocky start to his pro career, going 3-9 in his first 12 fights. He was able to turn things around and ended his career on a three-fight winning streak. Cahoon was able to win 10 of his last 13 fights.

Cahoon’s Highlight Reel

There has been no mention regarding how long he has been involved with the drug ring or if it was something that was going on while he was an active fighter. The leadership of the gang was apparently split between Cahoon and his associate James Bush. There has been no information released as to why authorities believe he is in Dubai. This, however, is something that the authorities have had their suspicions about since Operation Orlando occurred.

It is unfortunate when you see a fighter end up in a bad situation after his fight career is over. He definitely is not the first and won’t be the last fighter to make mistakes, but some mistakes can cost you a whole lot more than others. Dealing drugs pretty big on the list. Hopefully, he is apprehended without incident.

It would be great if situations like this could serve as examples for fighters. Many of them don’t have a plan once their fight career is over. When the cold reality that your fight career is done, some fighters are not prepared. It is easy to make mistakes when you don’t have anything planned out.

Information about Cahoon can be directed to the Titan via phone (0151 777 7694) or Crime Stoppers UK (0800 555 111).


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