McDonald’s Employee Arrested Selling Cocaine In Happy Meals

If you are in the business of selling illegal drugs then creativity is a must.

Getting your product out to your customers without being caught is not only necessary but difficult. It’s high-risk high reward to try and be the next Pablo Escobar. Some people have what it takes and last in the game for years, while others don’t and either get taken out or end up in jail. Then there is this fellow, Frank Guerrero.

Frank allegedly decided to sling cocaine from one of the world’s largest franchise. He was a McDonald’s manager in the Bronx, New York when he was arrested. The 26-year-old was apprehended by the NYPD and ICE Homeland Security after he made a transaction with an undercover officer. He had his method down and it was working successfully, he had clients coming in regularly to buy cocaine from him. Unfortunately for Frank, it seems the days of having a home base at McDonald’s are over.

Frank Guerrero was serving adult happy meals.

The drugs were stashed in a soap dispenser in the restaurant’s bathroom. When a customer would come in looking to buy cocaine Guerrero would meet them in the bathroom to make the deal. The customer would then proceed to order food at the McDonald’s and Guerrero would make sure that their order included the cocaine or crack they had paid him for.

Ordering Coke at this McDonald’s definitely took on a new meaning. Once police caught on to what was taking place at the golden arches he worked at they zoned in and sent in undercover officers. On two separate occasions, the undercover officers bought drugs from Guerrero.

They explained that when they received their order the drugs that they had purchased came in a cookie bag. They did not mention how long Guerrero had been dealing drugs out of the Bronx McDonald’s. It was known that he had worked at that McDonald’s location for eight years.

The McDonald’s Cocaine was a popular item in the Bronx.

Guerrero ended up selling the undercover officers around $10,000 worth of illegal drugs. After his arrest, his home was raided and police found 200 grams of cocaine and $5,300 in cash. It was not known if this was Guerrero’s first drug-related arrest. His mother, who he lived with at the time was also arrested on drug-related charges.

Aside from getting caught, do you think it was a pretty clever way to sell drugs?


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