Martial Arts Fathers That Raised Super Stars

As a father your goal is always to raise the best kids possible.

Our friends at Evolve MMA compiled a list of five Martial Arts fathers that raised super stars. The top two raised some of the best fighters in their respective sports, but not all of them are athletes. Some of their have found success in other industries.

Check out the first two below and read the entire list here.

1) Floyd Mayweather Sr.
Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. is an undefeated professional boxer and perhaps the most well-known boxer in the world today. With an absolutely perfect professional record of 49-0, Mayweather has seen the best of them inside the ring and has emerged victorious in every contest. His unparalleled defensive skill and pinpoint accurate punching is the stuff of legend.

Who taught him everything he knows? Mayweather often credits his own father, Floyd Sr., for making him the fighter he is today. Floyd Sr. was also previously a professional boxer who finished his career in 1990 with a record of 28-6-1.

Throughout his childhood, and during his days as an amateur, Mayweather learned the art of the sweet science from his dad and uncle, Roger. Today he is history’s richest prizefighter and a boxing legend, worthy of being in the conversation for greatest of all time.

On August 26, Mayweather will take on MMA fighter Conor McGregor in what is expected to be one of the richest fights in combat sports history.

2) Ken Lee
When ONE Women’s Atomweight World Champion “Unstoppable” Angela Lee walks down to the ONE Championship cage, there is a tall, ominous figure often following right behind her. That’s Angela’s dad, Ken Lee.

Ken, a master martial artist highly-decorated in multiple disciplines, is a patriarch of a fighting family of martial artists. His wife Jewelz Lee is a Taekwondo Black Belt while his children all practice martial arts.

At a young age, Ken taught his children how to physically protect themselves. Today, they not only possess the ability of self-defense but are also very successful professional martial arts athletes. With such a dedicated father like Ken, it surely comes as no surprise.

Credit Ken with his famous daughter’s rise through the ranks. Angela has reached unprecedented levels of success as a martial artist, and younger brother Christian is not far behind.

Read the entire list at Evolve MMA.


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