Man Head Kicks Cheating Girlfriend

Being cheated has to be one of the worst feeling ever, and how you react says a lot about you as a person.

Most people will be sad, not understand why, and go into depression. Others unfortunately turn to violence. Regardless of what the circumstances are, violence should always be avoided in these situations. Emotions are running high and the consequences of your action are not worth if for a brief moment of satisfaction for having hurt your ex. Serious damage can occur when in the heat of the moment that and you can very easily regret any actions you take when you are over come with uncontrollable emotions.

In this video a young lady is confronted by her boyfriend after he finds out she has cheated on him with two guys. That is a pretty rough pill to swallow and this man lets it get the best of him. He blindsides the girl with a head kick and knocks her to the ground.

It is very apparent that this man is not a trained martial artist, and the girl doesn’t get knocked out or seems to suffer much damage aside form being embarrassed. It seems that his guy is coming back for more as the girl sits on the ground, but luckily one of his friends stops him and they walk away.

Regardless of what happens you should never attack someone else, because the long term ramification are not worth it. That was clearly assault, regardless of what she did. This could have been a real ugly situation with serious damage being caused. The girl was blindsided and had no idea the kick was coming, and her fall could have been wore. Luckily she fell down into a sitting position, but if she had hit the concrete with her head it could have been real bad.

You can check out the video below.


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