Man Challenges Muay Thai Instructor To Fight, Learns Lesson The Hard Way

The Muay Thai instructor that gets challenged in this video is actually very nice.

He starts off by simply feeling things out while the man that challenged him is going hard. He remains calm, cool, and collected as you would expect. He eventually picks his spot and fires off a head kick that knocks the man down.

To this guy’s credit he got up from a kick that leveled him when it looked like he wouldn’t. Again the instructor remains cool and calm an fires off another head kick that puts him down for good. These kicks were lighting fast, it looked like a walk in the park for the Muay Thai instructor.

The best thing about this instructor was his control. He didn’t lose it even though he was disrespected, he kept it all together. He even helped the man after he knocked him out with the head kicks. I have seen other guys go crazy even after they have won, but he was a complete class act.

Check out the video below. This guy definitely got what he deserved for thinking he could walk in and challenge the instructor.

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