Man Challenges Muay Thai Instructor To Fight, Learns Lesson The Hard Way

Man Challenges Muay Thai Instructor

Martial Arts, especially Muay Thai are about respect.

Fighters, trainers, even fans should always carry themselves in a respectful manner. Sometimes, however, you get people that need to learn this lesson the hard way. When you challenge someone to a fight in their own gym you better be on point, because that is he ultimate sign of disrespect.

We have all seen videos where someone goes and challenges a fake instructor in their gym to teach them a lesson. If there evidence that someone is a fraud and are trying to pass off as an expert when they are not, it is a whole different story. Challenging a instructor simply because you think your are tough is probably the biggest mistake you can make.

No self respecting trainer, Muay Thai or not is going to let you get away with that. In this video we see what happens when someone who thinks they are tough challenges the Muay Thai instructor at the gym to a fight.

Remember that simply because you can beat up bums on the street doesn’t mean you can actually step in to the ring with someone that has skill and does this for a living.

(Click next to watch this man learn his lesson the hard way after challenging Muay Thai instructor)

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