KO of the Week: Aaron Turner vs. Michael Pham

Aaron Turner vs. Michael Pham

The KO of the Week comes from Aaron Turner this week, and boy is it a beauty.

In May 2015 Aaron Turner vs. Michael Pham was part of  The Main Event at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham, England. This was one exciting fight for fans as both fighters left it all on the line. This was the type of fight that fans pay to see and promoters would love to have on every show.

From the start of this fight it was full of action. Turner suffered a cut early in the bout that kept his face bloody throughout and probably had Turner worried they might stop the fight. Despite having been cut, Turner did not slow down and kept pushing forward. It finally paid off in the fourth round when he delivered some perfectly timed knees to put Pham out for good.

This is a great example of heart and determination by Turner, he had a way out after being cut but kept on fighting.

(Click next to see this great KO by Aaron Turner)


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