Knockout of the Week: David Huerta vs. Israel Rangel

David Huerta

It’s time to start your week of with an awesome knockout.

This week the Knockout of the Week comes from David Huerta. In his bout with Israel Rangel at AMK 6, Huerta delivered a fantastic elbow KO.

For those not familiar with Huerta, he has been a long time presence in the California Muay Thai scene. The East Los Angeles native has been trained by Jorge Zarate. In addition to fighting he has played a role in helping put together some of the biggest events in the state of California. Some of those include the events where Saenchai fought Kevin Ross and Joe Schilling fought Kaoklai.

In his fight against Israel Rangel at AMK 6, he was making his return to the ring after a lengthy layoff. Rengal was the local fighter and the crowd favorite, but from the start of the fight Huerta made sure to control and dictate the pace.

In the second round he began to find more openings and used the ring well. Huerta threw a right hand that backed Rangel up into the ropes, who in return tried to bounce off the rope and deliver an elbow of his own when Huerta delivered a perfectly placed elbow. Rangel hit the canvas and this fight was over.

(Click next to watch David Huerta deliver this awesome elbow knockout)


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