Knockout of the Week: Artur Kyshenko vs. Bai Jinbin

Artur Kyshenko Knockout of the Week

Artur Kyshenko brings us the Knockout of the Week for February 27, 2017.

The hard hitting Ukrainian fighter has fougth a slew of talented fighters throughout his career. He most recently has found a home fighting for Kunlun Fight.

In his first appearance for the promotion at Kunlun Fight 18 he faced Bai Jinbin, and if his goal was to make an impression he certainly did. It took him one round to end Jinbin’s night with a well placed right hand.

The action really picked up between the two and as Jinbin tried to apply pressure Kyshenko simply began to fire back with punches and kicks. As they were scrambling Kyshenko measured up his right hand and delivered a punch that melted Jinbin on the spot. Talk about making your promotional debut with style. Since this fight Kyshenko has gone on to fight for Kunlun Fight eight times and has yet to lose in the Kunlun Fight ring.

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