Kids KO in Muay Thai

Kids KO in Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a sport filled with tradition and honor. Fighters start their careers at a very young age, but this at times is seen as controversial.

It is normal for children as young as eight to step into the ring. In Thailand Muay Thai is a way out of poverty, and starting your career at young age is a must if you plan on competing with the best.

It seems most practitioners of the art don’t have a problem with children fighting at a young age, but there are those that oppose allowing kids to fight. It is very easy for people to complain about something when they have several options in life.

I started thinking about this as I was searching YouTube and stumbled upon this KO. Two kids that weigh roughly 40 lbs and look no older than 10 are involved in a very exciting fight that ends by knockout when one of the kids connects with a head kick. I have always been for letting kids fight, but at this point when I saw the child that was knocked out in pain I found myself questioning if this should be allowed.

My first instinct was why would you want to put a child through this?

(Click next to see the head kick knockout in this kids Muay Thai fight)


  1. While this is certainly a shocking example, it doesn’t seem fair to discuss this topic without noting the vast difference in cultures between Thailand and the west. In Thailand, fighting is often in poorer situations as a way for children to support their families (not necessarily their own decision), and in no way reflects the state of the juniors Muay Thai scene in the western world. In the UK at least, protection is a requirement, with body armour, shin guards and head gear. They’re also highly controlled and more importantly out of choice, for enjoyment and passion. There’s even been a recent controversy amongst certain members of the Muay Thai community disagreeing with a recent kids fight.

    So to discuss the topic of kids competing as if it’s all the same as it is in Thailand is a bit disingenuous.

    • We do mention that before criticizing you have to try and understand the culture. It is also mentioned that this is a way out of poverty for them and that unlike others their options are limited.


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