Karate Black Belt Kills Man In Dojo

Marital Arts is supposed to be about respect, tradition, and honor. Unfortunately not everyone involved in martial arts follows that.

A video recently re-surfaced of a man entering a dojo in Virginia claiming to have learned Karate from Jesus Christ and then getting beaten to death. Several reports have stated the man was mentally ill, but that has never been proven. This video was originally shot in 1984 and it surfaced on You Tube in 2009, and then again.

So why does this video keep resurfacing? Well not only is it shocking to watch, but the parties involved were never arrested or convicted of a crime.

The man who entered the dojo is unidentified, but the man that beats him is a karate black belt by the name of Willie Dennis, and the owner of the dojo and his instructor is a man named Bobby Joe Blythe.

In the video the unidentified man wants to show the instructor and the students what Jesus Christ taught him. At first the instructor and the students seems to just laugh it off as nonsense. Eventually a physical confrontation with Dennis begins, although it seems the unidentified man doesn’t want it to happen after he says he is not a fighter.

Eventually Dennis gets the best of the unidentified man and after the man is lying on the floor and no longer a threat he proceeds to knee him in the head and stomp on his head several times. The unidentified man lay there trying to breathe and Bobby Joe Blythe instructs people to drag him out back.

It is never proven that the man has been killed, except for the fact that Blythe loaded the video to his You Tube channel with the comment pictures below.

In the description it claims they stopped his clock. Blythe eventually took down the video and shut down his gym. To this day the man has not been identified and when the video surfaced on-line in 2009 police apparently were supposed to be investigating, but it seems nothing came from it.

You can see the video on the next page, but warning it is pretty brutal.

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