Ip Man 3

Ip Man 3 is the third installment in the Yip Man trilogy.

Like the first two movies, it delivers great martial arts action as it continues the story of the legendary Wing Chun practitioner. Donnie Yen reprises the role of Ip Man and delivers some great fight scenes. Including a great fight scene with former heavyweight Boxing champion Mike Tyson.

The story takes place in 1959 as Ip looks to settle into a low key life in Hong Kong. A real estate developer named Frank (Mike Tyson) wants to buy Ip’s school so that he can have the land. Ip refuses to sell thus setting the story into motion. After his son Ip Ching gets into a fight with a classmate at school Ip invites the classmates family to dinner. The classmate impresses Ip with his Wing Chun skills and learns that his father has taught him

The classmate’s father is Cheung Tin-chi and he harbors resentment towards Ip. There is no reason other than he wants Ip’s success and wealth he has earned through Wing Chun. This ties into the story of Frank sending his goons after Ip, something which Cheung also gets paid to do. All of this eventually leads to a showdown with Cheung to see who the true Wing Chun master is.

There are some great scenes in the movie. One of the more memorable ones is the appearance of Bruce Lee, who was a student of Ip. In the scene, Bruce Lee asks Bruce Lee to be his teacher and shows him some of his skills.

Ip Man didn’t immediately accept Bruce Lee as a student.

With Mike Tyson playing Frank, the initial bad guy in the movie it was only a matter of time before the two squared off in the movie. In the Ip Man 3 aside from being a real estate developer, he is also an accomplished Boxer. In the showdown with Ip, Frank promises to leave Ip along if he can last three minutes against him. The two ensue in a great fight that shows Frank using his brute strength to get the upper hand early before Ip starts to capitalize with his Wing Chun skills.

Mike Tyson delivers a great fight scene as Frank a brute brawler.

As with any movie the final fight scene is supposed to be the best. It doesn’t fall short in Ip Man 3. Ip fights Cheung in a battle that features weapons and hand to hand Wing Chun combat. Cheung at one point begins to get the better of Ip, but before he can win Ip delivers the infamous one-inch punch. It is probably a finish not many were expecting. You knew Ip would win, but not many saw the one-inch punch coming. Primarily because the one-inch punch was made popular by Bruce Lee, but knowing that eventually, Bruce Lee would become Ip’s student it makes a lot of sense.

The final fight features weapons and hand to hand combat.

The movie is full of excellent scenes aside from the ones listed here. There is another great scene where Ip and Cheung team up to take on a gang of Fank’s men and it one of the best in the movie. You can watch that scene here.

If you like the first two Ip Man movies then you definitely need to watch Ip Man 3. If you love martial arts movies, in general, you will enjoy this one.


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