Inmate Takes On 15 Corrections Officers

Inmate Fights 15 Corrections OfficersBeing a corrections officer is a dangerous and difficult job.

You never know what can happen on the job. Riots, fights, are just some of what you sign up for. In this case it wasn’t a riot or several inmates causing trouble, but only one. In this job that is all it takes, however, to turn things upside down. In this case one inmate refused orders and that kicked things off.

The inmate seems to be refusing to get up at the start of the video and two corrections officers stand him up and start to move him. The inmate resists and somehow is able to take one of them down. More corrections officers show up to help and at this point it turns into four on one.

Sounds like things are under control, but that is just the start. The inmate it tenacious and refuses to back down even after it seems things have calmed down and before you know it, it is 15 on 1.

Talk about having no fear, but not very smart. Did he really think this was going to end well for him? Watch the video below and let us know what you think?


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