From UFC Fighter To Contract Killer

Life after fighting can be difficult. Fighters end up in several different professions, but one that doesn’t happen often if at all is being a contract killer.

Amar Suloev was an Armenian and MMA fighter that had a strong career having fought in the UFC, Pride FC, M-1 and several other top promotions around the world. He fought from 1999 to 2008 and compiled a professional record of 24-7 in that time. His highest profile fight was a three round unanimous decision loss to MMA legend Chuck Liddell at UFC 35. Other notable opponents in his career included Yushin Okami and Chael Sonnen.

Despite what you could call a successful MMA career, it seemed that after Suloev called it quits things really got interesting. A lot of fighters end up going into security when they retire from fighting. It seems to be a natural fight for many and Suloev was no different.

High kicking Chuck Liddell.

Suloev went the distance with the Iceman.

After joining a private security firm in Russia, Suloev met Sergei Zirinov. According to reports Zirinov helped bring Suloev in illegal activities. To give you an idea of what type of individual Zirinov was, he and a legislative assemblyman were arrested for allegedly assassinating political rivals.

In 2003 Amar Suloev along with Zirinov and three other people were arrested for the murder of Vitaly Sadovnichy, his wife Olga Ivankinaand Salman Nabiyev. They In a botched assassination attempt they murdered the driver of Nikolai Nesterenko despite Nesterenko being the actual target.

Unfortunately for Suloev one of the defendants cut a deal for a reduced sentence and he was placed by them at the murders. The probes went on for three years, with Suloev being incarcerated the entire time. Things got worse for Suloev, while in prison he fell ill. Suloev had stomach cancer and eventually died from the illness in June of 2016. At the time of his death, a verdict regarding the charges against him had not been handed down. The case had actually been postponed indefinitely.

The case was again reopened in late 2016 and four men including Zirinov were found guilty and received prison terms. Zirinov was found guilty of all 59 counts in his indictment and was sentenced to 22 years in a maximum security prison. Other members of the group received 13 to 16 years behind bars. With them being found guilty one could only assume that is Suloev had been alive he would have been found guilty as well.

A huge KO by Suloev.

As a long time MMA fan, I was shocked when I found out what had happened to Suloev. He was a tough fighter that was respected by many. He came from the time where fighters fought because they loved to do so, not because they were looking to score a huge payday.

A fighter’s life is difficult and it is difficult for fighters to adjust to life when they hang up their gloves. Fighters don’t have retirement plans when they are don’t fighting unless they were some of the few that made millions, they need to get back in the workforce. Unfortunately for Suloev he went down a dark path when his fight career was over.


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