Footage From The First Legal Bare Knuckle Boxing Event In the USA

Photographer: Jacob Byk/The Wyoming Tribune Eagle

Bare Knuckle Boxing is a thing of the past in modernized countries like the USA. As the country has evolved so have Combat Sports with a huge emphasis on fighter safety.

Safety was thrown out the window last night as Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship made its promotional debut in Cheyenne, Wyoming. For the first time in over 100 years, a legal Bare Knuckle Boxing event was held in the country. We are not saying that this is the first Bare Knuckle Boxing event that was held in the USA in over 100 years, but it was the first one where you didn’t need to have lookouts posted around the venue to make sure the cops weren’t coming.

The event featured several MMA veterans such as Ricco Rodriguez, Bec Rawlins, Joey Beltran and Tony Lopez. It also featured famous Bare Knuckle Boxer Bobby Gunn. The action lived up to the hype as fights were bloody and brutal. Seven out of the ten fights at the event ended in stoppages and the three that went the distance were bloody wars.

The main event featured former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez vs. Lewis Rumsey, a fight with Rodriguez won by unanimous decision. A featured fight between former UFC fighter Joey Beltran and Tony Lopez stole the show. For anyone that had no idea what Bare Knuckle Boxing was about this was the perfect example. This was a battle of attrition that saw Beltran and Lopez leave it all in the ring. It was an exhilarating fight for anyone who loves combat sports. You can check out some of the action from their fight in the first of the clips below.

The ladies even got in on the action as the only bout featuring women did not disappoint. Former UFC fighter Bec Rawlings took on Alma Garcia. It was another brutal fight and Rawlings was able to get the best of Garcia as she forced a doctor stoppage at the end of the second round. Great to see the ladies getting in on the Bare Knuckle action.

In this last highlight, you can see Eric Prindle delivering a massive right hand to the chin of Sam Shewmaker. It took only 18 seconds for him to finish the fight. That was the type of action fans were expecting to be delivered from the night’s fights.

Hopefully, this is not the last time we get to see Barek Knuckle Fighting Championship. If you love fights this is definitely something you need to be watching. The action was exciting and bloody great. When the next one rolls around make sure you buy the PPV so you can enjoy it live and show support for the promotion. The more people watch it live the better they do and that means the more events fans will get.

Let us know if you watched Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship live and what you thought of the night’s fights.


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